Our mission is to build an authentic community of Christian dancers created to worship and follow Christ’s foot steps. (We need to have a renewed vision and commitment to fulfill the Great Commission) by witnessing the world transformed through the power of artistic expression in dance, with deep conviction from the theological perspective and a biblical worldview of the arts. Matthews 28:18-20

Therefore we are committed to:

· Equip and making disciple of dancers after God’s own intention
· Educate the body of Christ to appropriate God's given talents and artistry
· Enlarge the art community by redeeming all forms of artistic expressions in dance
· Evangelize the nations through creative ways of expressing the Gospel in contemporary fashion and transforming lives through the creative power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 12:1-2)


Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia (CDFM) as part of the church, the body of Christ affirms the Apostle’ and Nicene Creeds, acknowledging one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who has revealed Himself and the Way of Salvation through the Bible. It affirms:

· The sovereignty, Grace and Love of God the Father in Creation and Redemption;
· The atoning death, bodily resurrection and return of Jesus of Nazareth, Messiah, God the Son, Savior and Lord
· The indwelling works of God the Holy Sprit in regenerating, sanctifying and empowering the believer.


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