CDFM was formed on the 2nd of July 1999 at a Regional Creative Dance Camp held in the Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Invitation letters were sent out to churches in Malaysia whose dancers are willing to come for a seminar-workshop camp with a view towards networking and combining resources in the ministry of dance. Outstanding overseas and local tutors were aligned to lecture in dance approaches for the camp, and the response was overwhelming! The flame was lit and CDFM was formed with the vision and mission to express Christ through dance on par toward excellence!

It was birth from the heart of the founder Rev Karen Liew, to pave way for the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia. Forty-nine people became Founding members of CDFM at the Formation Meeting that was chaired by Mary Jones (Founder of the International Christian Dance Fellowship). Rev. Karen Liew was approved by the ICDF Committee and elected to be the Founding Co-ordinator of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia. After which, a National Committee was selected. They are individuals from churches and inter-denominational representatives who are interested to spearhead dance and movement ministries in the country.
Under her excellent leadership and management, CDFM was made known to the churches in Malaysia and among other CDF bodies around the world. Since then, CDFM has been actively promoting and encouraging the dance and movement arts ministries around Malaysia.

Through the years, we have seen God’s hand move powerfully among the creative arts scene in the country, and we are proud to have played a part in this movement. Since then, it has ministered in outstanding performances at the Emmanuel Celebration in 1999 at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. From Emmanuel Celebration 1999, the Breakthrough 2000 to WERGA 2001, and the Regional dance seminars in Penang, Kota Kinabalu of East Malaysia, Ipoh and Malacca. CDFM has, by the grace of God, managed to touch lives and encourage believers and non-believers alike.

Emmanuel Celebration 99

Emmanuel Celebration, a Christian big event with the participation of 1,600 churches all over Malaysia with different denomination and languages was held on 11-13 December 1999 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium organized by the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia (NECF). It was the 1st large project that CDFM has undertaken. This was the largest number of dancers participating in Praise & Worship session in the history of Malaysia, we have coordinated a total of 133 dancers from 32 participating churches and it took us one short month to recruit and train them. We were well received by NECF and the 80,000 crowds that attended the Celebration! Praise the Lord!

Breakthrough 2000 Renewal Rally

Breakthrough 2000 was a continuation of the climax that the Christian Churches had during the Emmanuel Celebration. It was held at The Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium on 26-28 May 2000, an event organized by NECF in partnership with churches of Malaysia. This was even a bigger project for CDFM to prove itself.

In this event, CDFM was in charge of the whole dance items from presentation to Praise & Worship. We had a total of 388 participants from 48 churches involved. Within three months, four presentation items were produced with the help of churches and trainers: There were also the memorable performances at the Breakthrough 2000 Renewal Rally where local, contemporary and flag dances were presented at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium. CDFM presented Selamat Datang for the opening followed by Ram V’nisa, Processional, Praise hand and then the Praise & worship dances. Each of the items was unique and compliments each other. We could see the anticipation of the audience by following the praise hand movement. Public participation in dancing was witnessed during the third night, with the dance floor flooded with the youth, the first time ever happened in Malaysia.

With this project, CDFM has successfully promoted Christian dancing in the country to another level of success. The Argentinian speakers were so impressed that they took copies of the dance video and commented that wherever they go in future, a copy of the video will be sent to the nation to request them to produce a similar version and as a model-guide for future organizers of their revival-evangelistic events in other countries. It was reported that CDFM has set a mark in such a significant way for the next international Breakthrough event to be seen. Glory to God! The next mega-event the CDFM participated in was the WEFGA 2001

World Evangelical Fellowship 11th General Assembly - WERGA 2001

It was the first time in the history of our Malaysian churches that our honorable prime minister Dutuk Dr Mahathir Mohamed came to grace the Christian worldwide event and officiated the opening ceremony of WEFGA 2001 with spectacular cultural dance shows performed by members of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia. The dance troupe of CDFM had formed a major part of the opening cultural night performances. It was truly a magnificent and stimulating evening to remember.

The theme of the WERGA 2001 was “Serving the Churches Worldwide.”

It was a great honor and joy for CDFM to be able to fulfill the objective in assisting the NECF to entertain more than 800 evangelical Christian leaders from across the world gathered at JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for the 11th General Assembly of the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) – a fellowship representing evangelical Christians of about 300 million from 108 nations worldwide.

Recognizing the importance of this historical Gathering, CDFM invited a luminous teacher Madam Surianty Liu Chun Wai from Hong Kong to be the Artistic Director to the choreograph and provide intensive training for our dancers under the capable leadership of its Founding National Coordinator Rev Karen Liew.

CDFM felt privileged to be chosen to perform at the Opening Ceremony of the historical Global Gathering attended by the Right Honorable Prime Minister and Ministers of the Malaysian Government, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, and 800 delegates from all over the world. We want to thank God that through this occasion, CDFM has been recognized as a leading Christian Organization and that members of their fellowship were given the opportunity to use their gifting in creative arts and dance in this international Christian event to glorify the Lord.

The role model and dedication of CDFM have touched many lives and the delegate’s responses and comments have been extremely encouraging. This was a rare occasion indeed, an “occasion of a life-time”.

CDFM Dance Performance & Activities

Our dancers were also invited to perform at the Here’s Life Rally with Rev Steve Hill at Bukit Jalil, Putra Indoor Stadium in Oct 3-5, 2001, followed by an invitation by the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism to perform at the opening of the 1st National Christmas Open House held at Istana Budaya, the National Arts Theatre. The event was attended by our honorable Prime Minister and official cabinet ministers, delegates and attracted an audience of 50,000 people from all walks of life.

Through CDFM contribution at national and global level, we have received numerous requests from individuals, churches and organizations to assist and provide resources in terms of training, ministry and dance presentations ranging from TV2 program, Christian musical concerts, charity dinner, church dedication, anniversary, evangelistic meeting, rallies for peace and road-shows performance to raise funds for Iraqi children. We also danced for a wedding ceremony.

Most of CDFM national events and activities happened around the Central District and Klang Valley. In the hope to widen the horizon of CDFM in Malaysia, we are spreading our wings to other states and district towns like Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Ipoh, Seremban, Malacca, Johor, Kuantan, Kelatan, Alor Star, and Sarawak. Indeed God Himself has blessed CDFM by raising leaders in almost each state and district to assist in networking with us

Besides ministering and reaching out in performance, we see the need in building more Christian disciples for the creative arts movement so that more can be equipped to serve effectively within and beyond the church walls. Thus, CDFM has lined up various interesting training workshops and seminars with the purpose of edifying and raising up those who have a heart for God in this area of creative arts.

CDFM has also started a regular Redeeming Dance Program workshop series since 2002.  The topics range from Make-up for Stage Performance, Tari Asas Melayu, Southeast Asia Dance, Mime Your Act, Fit 4 Praise, Tambourine Dance, Movement Investigation, Popular Dance, Contemporary Dance, Chinese Dance to Adult Ballet. However, we also see the need of doing some Christian contemporary works related to dance education, training and performance in the near future.

The Charter Organization

By July 2003, CDFM had reached its 4th year of inception. CDFM hosted its Charter Conference in conjunction with the 1st National Christian Creative Arts (NCCA) 2003, celebrating God’s faithfulness in November 22-26. At this junction, they had completed our Formation process and recognized as a full Chartered Member of the International Dance Fellowship at the Opening Ceremony of the Malaysian Night Concert on November 24, 2003. The opening ceremony and incorporation of CDFM was graced by YB Dato’ Ng Yen Yen (Deputy Minister of Finance) with the ICDF representatives from Mary Jones (ICDF Founder) and Rev Dr Pamela Rutherford (CDFUSA).

The NCCA conference served as an excellent opportunity for the Christian creative arts and dance community to jointly work toward establishing a strong network based under the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia. Hence, the inclusion of officiating this Charter Fellowship will bring together not only Christian professional artistes, musicians, performers, but also new budding Christian choreographers, educators, academics, enthusiasts and dancers around Malaysia

Our Mission objectives

To educate, support, network and provide resources, training, encouragement, vision and fellowship in dance and other movement arts as an expression of the Christian faith and unity.
To serve as a network base and consultation center for all Christian creative and performing arts ministry in Malaysia.
To support and promote the many forms of Christian dance that exists in Malaysia through the education and training, performances, dance-related publications, research and engaging in international exchange program.

Greater Heights

It is the desire of CDFM that dance will be a unifying factor of the church and a soundboard for communicating Christ to the various communities around. We hope and foresee that Christians will arise to the occasion to enthusiastically fulfill their call to dance for Him, with high standards of holiness, communicating the presence of God in their ministry.

Though there must be a rising standard of excellence in presentation through right techniques, choreography and costumes, yet dance for God is not to be just an external art form or motion. Rather the purpose of the dance is to express biblical faith, as well as to inspire or stimulate others to know Christ and to worship Him.




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