About Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia (CDFM)



CDFM is a chartered member of the International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF) which has connection with more than 25 nations around the world. We are a fellowship of believers that links individuals, groups, churches and performing arts organizations involved in dance. We also serve as a consultation center for all Christian creative arts and dance ministries in Malaysia and abroad.

Our aim is to educate, network and provide resources, training, encouragement, vision and fellowship in dance and other related movement arts as a creative expression of the Christian faith and unity. We support and promote all forms of dance that exists in Malaysia through education and training, performances, dance-related publications, research and engaging in international exchange programs.

CDFM is incorporated on the 15th April, 2004 under company Act, 1965 as CDFM Berhad (649201-P). We are a non-profitable organization supported by donation and membership subscriptions.

Our theological base is transdenominational, affirms the major creeds of the Christian Church and bases faith and doctrines on the Bible.


1. To honor the Lord Jesus in all our activities.

2. To serve the church, the dance community and the community at large

3. To introduce and build an understanding in the Christian community of the theology and ministry of dance and movement.

4. To provide networking, encouragement, and fellowship for Christians involved in dance/movement and building up of faith and experience in the Lord.

5. To provide a way of bringing together Christians from different traditions, backgrounds and denominations within the body of Christ who are interested in creative movement and dance works. The focus includes many expressions of ministry through dance and movement including worship, prayer, teaching, evangelism, performance, entertainment, fitness, healing and community building. Many different styles of dance are used.

6. To be a positive Christian presence in the secular dance world

7. To provide training through workshops, classes, seminars and conferences.

8. To provide resources such as magazines, books, videos, teachers, dancers and choreographer.

9. To encourage excellence, creatively, suitability, adaptability, right motivation and biblical foundations.


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