Keynote Speaker

Rev Karen Liew
Graduated from the Bible College of Malaysia in 1981 and received her ordination in 1997 and has been in full-time ministry for more than 25 years. God has called her to pave way for the formation and founding of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia (CDFM) in 1999. For the last decade, she has been actively involved in several major national Christian dance events including participation in the Redeeming the Arts Issue Group at Lausanne's Forum on World Evangelisation in Thailand 2004 and the Arts and Sports Issue Group for Transform World 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, she is the National Coordinator of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia and serves as the Steering Committee of the International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF). She is married to Rev Daniel Ong with 3 children and resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Workshop Facilitators

David Haddy
By profession a school teacher and an educational dance specialist with experience in areas of choreography, worship, flag and dance ministry. He studied contemporary and classical forms while completing papers in Educational dance. As a choreographer, he also organised & choreographed processions and danced with the Feast Company at the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle in Jerusalem.  Formerly served as a CDF Leader in New Zealand and U.S.A.  He teaches father and son workshops, leads non-dancing congregations to dance with particular interest in assisting men to find the dance in their worship. He is married to Juliet Haddy with 2 children and resides in Perth, Australia.

Juliette Haddy
She is a graduate of Sydney University (BA, English Lit.) and is an Associate of Trinity College of Music, London in Speech & Drama (Teaching). She is trained in Mimestry and Physical Theatre at the Desmond Jones School of Mime & Physical Theatre, London and trained in classical, contemporary and jazz ballet.  Her desire is to draw out the greatness in each person so that the Lord is glorified in his or her uniqueness and together in our diversity. She is married to David Haddy with 2 children and resides in Perth, Australia.     


Joel Tan
He is the Chief Instructor and Founder of Urban Groove Dance Network (UGDN), a registered coach and professional hip-hop instructor under the United Kingdom Arts, Great Britain.  He represents Malaysia as the UKA’s certified and qualified hip-hop dance teacher by providing professional examinations, student medal test and scrutinising exams of every dance style.  He received a special award and champion title for the Malaysian Break Dance Team Champion 2002 and Extreme Fitness Malaysian 2002.  Currently, he serves as the local faculty and the Network Head of Youth Dance for the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia and providing dance training for youth ministries in churches. 


Synopsis of Workshops






Processional Dance & Pageantry

To learn the significance of a processional dance in the spiritual realm & how effectively it can be integrated into a church service. Props are utilised such as ribbons, tambourines, flags & banners to create a magnificent processional in the proclamation of our Lord Jesus, the King of Kings.  Techniques on how to plan a processional, choice of props, organise rehearsals and dressing a worship venue will be included.



Dance Improvisation

To create movements with improvisation as the base choreography with today’s vast variety of music styles and worship songs and explore how to vary and expand movement vocabulary, if you feel your dance vocabulary is repetitive.



Prophetic Worship Dance

To build understanding and biblical foundation on worship dance movements and learning how to seek God’s guidance and revelation prophetically in releasing and ushering in the presence and power of God during a church worship service and celebration.



Creative Dance Choreography

To develop an understanding of the major elements of dance and incorporating these elements into a choreographic process with the aim of communicating Christian truths effectively by exploring the 'how to' of a dance, starting from various motivations used to relate a story from the Bible.



Prayer Intercession Dance

To enable believers and worshippers to fulfill their priestly role with responsibilities related to the physical and spiritual preparation in dance ministry used for Church intercession and warfare.  Students are taught to do a movement prayer warm-up and create own movements as a visual language with which to tear down strongholds and break through in prayer & intercession for the nations.



Street Dance Style / Hip Hop & Funk

To introduce a series of routine exercises and top quality street style of hip hop culture, expressing creativity in a constructive and productive form.  Students will be inspired with a positive outlook for the future of our youth by taking them into a next level with high impact, energy flows to move with excellence for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.




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