Welcome to The 6th ICDF Conference

A word of blessing and encouragement
By the ICDF Co-ordinator
Lucy Andrew-Park Jarasius

G'day from the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit ( Australia )!

It is my pleasure and privilege to invite you to join our creative movement arts community in Genting Highlands , Malaysia for our international conference in July 2006.

When imagining what it's going to be like, I can't help thinking of the description in the book of Revelation about the brilliant gathering in the heavenly city. The New Jerusalem (Revelation 22) is a magnificent vision of the fulfilment of Kingdom teachings, a city descending from the heavens, a city of light and life for the people of all nations, a city of unprecedented variety and glory, opulently reflecting the awesomeness of our Creator… a truly “out of this world” experience!

It is a foretaste of this kind of awesomeness that we have historically been blessed to experience at previous ICDF conferences. I am confident that this 2006 event will be no exception. Through the prayers and work of the facilitators, we see God living and moving amongst us anew… causing us to

C onnect
L earn
E ncourage
A nd
R each out in fresh creative ways.

It's CLEAR isn't it? Together we are privileged to have an “out of this world” experience so that we become inspired and equipped to go with the message of Christ's Kingdom of the Heavens “Into All the World”!

Some people might argue that there are many more relevant and effective things for Christians to be doing than wasting time, effort and money on meeting up with a bunch of people interested in “theological theatre”. After all the world is in a turmoil of terrorism, hunger and disease both physically and spiritually… what can artists and dancers do?!

Allow me to list some important reasons why we'd love to see you with us…

• There are many things we "waste" our time, effort and money on in any given day that would be better spent serving the needs of those who have been so tragically affected by the state of the world we live in today. Are we listening for God's call to come, to gather, to worship and be equipped? “To obey is better than sacrifice” is a Scripture that comes to mind

• It is an important discipline to allow the Spirit of God to invest in our lives in ways that we could not do on our own in isolation. The vision of the New Jerusalem is an awesome example of a multitudinous gathering of people in worship and service to God. Previous ICDF conferences have given us a foretaste of this kind of awesomeness and I have every confidence through the prayers and work of the facilitators that the July 2006 event will be no exception.

• We might be able to use the funds to help the homeless, feed the hungry, heal the sick etc but we also need to be fed, ourselves, and to be ministered to, in order to do any kind of worthwhile ministry. Gatherings like this provide times of uplifting, strengthening, healing, enlarging of our understandings, honing of our skills, challenging of our comfort zones, times of unified worship in Spirit and in Truth, and times of wonderful fellowship with people from all over God's world

• If we want to free the world from terror, feed the hungry, and heal the diseased, we need to realise that there is peace, food and medicine of a beautiful and spiritual kind as well. It is not holistic to bring one kind without the other. Gather with us in July to find out more about how to do that

• This conference will be a totally unique event ! ICDF conferences are held in different countries only once every 3 years! Each time it is a special host culture experience. This is the first time one will be held in the Far East ! For many delegates, it will be a "once in a lifetime" experience

• Join and learn from real pioneers in Christian creative arts . No other Christian organisation we are aware of specialises to the degree we do in the Creative Movement Arts. The Teaching Faculty is comparatively huge and diverse compared to any other similar international event. Many parts of the Church are only just discovering the value of the creative arts in worship and wider church life. The creative movement arts are "cutting edge" ministries

• Your presence adds to the whole picture of what this event will mean to others . Each event is voluntarily facilitated and autonomously budgeted. The event IS whomsoever comes! Sure, we work hard to make costs as low as possible, and CDF Malaysia has certainly blessed the ICDF world with what can be offered in terms of value for money, BUT one of the most important ideas about the whole thing is to BLESS the Lord and each other by being there

Come join us in Genting for an “out of this world”, mountain-top experience so that we can go back into the valley of our regular lives and continue more effectively in our privilege of working with God to fulfil the vision of The New Jerusalem. It's time to Connect, Learn, Encourage And Reach out “Into All the World”!

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