Today the world need to be transformed in all facets of life - spiritually and physically, mentally and emotionally. In contemporary and creative ways through dance and other arts we can express our values in life, showing the beauty of God's creation and His purposes for mankind.

We acknowledge that the full scope of the arts - including dance has transformational potential in the life of society. The arts give cultural understanding to the eternal truths of the Gospel and make invisible truths visible. The arts bring the truths contemplated by the philosophers into a form that impacts the imagination and emotions of any society, bringing transformation. Motivated by the vision of bringing biblical truth to bear on all areas of life, we must wrestle with the potential of this powerful tool for shaping the values and beliefs of society. Therefore together with the Transform World Covenant, we pursue the light and character of our life-giving Creator God, responding with expressions and activities that bring beauty, community, identity and glory to God.

We welcome all Christians who share a common interest in the language of dance as a mean of communication that celebrates our faith and unity. Founded in 1999, CDFM is part of the International Christian Dance Fellowship, a multicultural, interdenominational and non-profit organization which, through a full spectrum of activities and information, enriches the lives of its members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

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